Selected Papers
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Committing to Critical Inquiry

The Passionate Mind of Maxine Greene

Teachers and Administrators: A Vision of Prophetic Practice

Contextualizing Teaching

A Postmodern Vision of Time and Learning: A Response to the National Education Commission Report Prisoners of Time

Prisoners of Time (Report of the National Education Commission on Time and Learning)

Voices of Imagination: The Artist as Prophet in the Process of Social Change

Paradigm Debates in Curriculum and Supervision

Affirming Middle Grades Education

Simone De Beauvoir's Ethics and Postmodern Ambiguity: The Assertion of Freedom in the Face of the Absurd

The Center for a Post-Modern World

Simple Postmodern Concepts made Complex

The Educational Researcher as Artist Working Within

The Educational Imagination

John Dewey Handout

Alfred North Whitehead Handout

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Last updated on September 18, 2007